Online Dating Mistakes

Online dating mistakes can lead to a less fruitful experience and not meeting as many people as you otherwise would. There are certain things that you should not do when online dating. Make your online dating experience more smooth sailing and don’t make any of these 7 dating mistakes listed below:

Online Dating Mistake #1 – Posting Bad photos
Photos are what will attract people to your profile and let’s face it, people can be superficial and only contact people who have the best looking photos! As the most significant part of your profile, it is important to display photos that are recent, shows your face clearly and is of good quality. Include pictures that show you doing something fun or interesting. Photos that show you obscured in the photo, show you drunk or show you half asleep won’t exactly have people wanting to contact you!

Online Dating Mistake #2 – Sending Standard emails
Make a reference to the person’s profile when making first contact with the other person. It will show that you have actually read their profile. If you send standard emails to people, they will think that you are just contacting everyone under the sun hoping to get contact from anyone rather than someone who they think seriously may have a future with them.

Online Dating Mistake #3 – Having too many people on the go at the same time
If you correspond with too many people at the same time, it will get messy and be hard to keep track of what you said to who. Speaking with a few at the most is the best path to take. Take time to get to know the people that you are corresponding with.

Online Dating Mistake #4 – Bad spelling and grammar on your profile
Show people that you have progressed from primary school and can spell and string sentences along properly! Don’t abbreviate words in your profile, such as ‘u’, ‘thx’ or ‘see ya’ when making contact as it will give the impression that you’re lazy. Show people that you are educated and well versed in the English language.

Online Dating Mistake #5 – Being negative in your profile
Sure, everyone has had their fair share of dating unsavoury people however don’t mention this in your profile. Writing negatively in your profile will show people that you are a bitter and unhappy person. Be positive in your writing rather than saying you don’t like this or that.

Online Dating Mistake #6 – Sharing too much personal information
Safety is paramount when you are online dating. Revealing where you live, where you work and other personal details before you have even met is not advisable. Meet them in person first and assess what type of person they are before telling them personal information about yourself.

Online Dating Mistake #7 – Setting Your Expectations Too High
When you are dating online you really have to set your expectations first. For example, if you are in your forties do you really think that twenty year old girl is going to want to date you (at least for the right reasons).

The world of online dating can be a minefield to navigate. Online dating mistakes can occur however try and minimise them as much as possible so you have the best chance of meeting that special someone!

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